We welcome you to a conference on the theme Faith, Love & Care in Medicine!

It's my privilege to invite you: friends, colleges, brothers and sisters from Norway, Finland, Denmark, Baltic states and Ukraine and not least our distinguished plenary speakers from Holland, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom to this ICMDA Nordic Meeting 2020 in Gothenburg. We aim, hope and pray for a fruitful get-together of building relationships, sharing and edification.


Let's begin with pausing for a moment with some urgent issues to reflect on and discuss in Gothenburg with one another. 


What role does faith/worldview play for patients, doctors, nurses, administrators, politicians in their everyday basis, nursing ethical stand and for healthcare in general?


Where does courage, hope, endurance, and competence in this context come from? How are corruption, cheating, and cynicism countered?


Where did the caring healthcare professional go and where did the burned-out come from? How do we respond to an increasingly transactional medicine where demands/needs exceed resources and management emphasize productivity and efficiency?


How do we understand whole-person medicine? What is justice in Health care? What do medical outreach/missions mean today? In Africa, Asia, and the West …


And by the way, why is human life worth saving and every human valuable, vulnerable and unique? 


What's the Biblical basis for healthcare and how does a Christian outlook shape us as healthcare professionals in a secularized culture?  


How does faith/worldview influence our understanding of the challenges that lie ahead?


Welcome and join the fellowship! 


Jovanna Dahlgren, Chairman of KLM, The Swedish Christian Medical Fellowship 

Ethical hot spots

Global health challenges

Medical missions – today and yesterday

World view and freedom of conscience in medical care

Death on demand – euthanasia. Pro et contra

Identity confusion – Sex reassignment. Pro et contra.

Plenary lectures

Sexual abuse, rectification and rehabilitation – whole person perspective and care for the next generation

Understanding the contemporary, healthcare situation and the role of Christian faith

More in the program

Student meeting. 

Morning Prayer/Bible expositions. 

Nordic stories & nordic evening



The program and the list of seminars are still preliminary, but have a look at what will be offered at the conference!

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