What makes a good doctor?

CMDA Sweden is a place where we help each other grow in as doctors and in Christ. At most Universities in Sweden we have mentors that regulary meets with students. A place where you as a student or junior doctor can feek safe and where all qustions safely can be discussed. A place where the young and doctors to be can grow both as professionals and Christians, guided by those with more experience. So one of the answer to the question "what makes a good doctor" is:

Good Christian Mentorship !




Ars Medicina

Ethics is like sailing from Europe to New York, a few degrees off makes a big difference in the end. As Christians we have the word of God as the compass that will help us take a course and direction that will lead us to a good life that will last. Our Swedish magazine "Ars Medicina" presents excellent articles that will help you take out the right direction. Sometimes it´s a question of life or death.



How´s your compassion?

The greatest way to fight poverty is by the transformation of hearts and minds. There is no power in history that so has transformed people as the Christian faith. If all lived after the 10 commandments, that can be summarized in love your God above all and love your neighbor as yourself, there would be no great injustice, no HIV and no starvation. As Christian doctors we have the unique abbility to give relief to many right away and share the word of God that will transform long after we left the place.  




General Surgeon Emanuel Ezra

One of many excelent speakers during CMDA SWEDENs general assembly 2012, where Johan Semby was elected as CEO. Emanuel expressed his joy over finally finding a place where he may express himself not only as a doctor and speaker, but also as a believing Christian that love to share the word of God.

"I didn´t miss anyone" was the conclusion that Emanuel made after the general assembly. The members of CMDA SWEDEN are like beautiful flowers in the garden of the Lord. Just imagine seeing them break out in full bloom together as doctors and Christians. What a blessing it would be for our healthcare.

How can CMDA SWEDEN help you experience a ful bloom?